Tomorrow's Company

is an independent, non-profit think tank that inspires and enables business to be a force for good in society

Who are Tomorrow's Company?

We are an independent, pioneering not-for-profit think tank.
We bring business and society together to address some of the biggest challenges of today’s world, which we face through our research, innovation and collaborative action. We create challenging insights, breakthrough impacts and long term value for business and society.

We are entering a new era, not simply prefaced by changing technology, but by the changing attitudes of people who, after years of simply wanting more, are starting to want something different. _______ Norman Pickavance, CEO

What do we do?

We aim to improve the quality of life by improving the quality of business. We believe that the best way of making positive progress with our agenda is by facilitating courageous conversations, producing critical research and creating the space for leaders to think differently. If you'd like to get involved, and join a community of organisations that share our belief that companies succeed in the long term when they serve the interests of employees and society as well as their shareholders, don't hesitate to get in touch. Or, join our mailing list below to stay up-to-date on all our latest initiatives.

A Question of Investment

We’re pleased to announce our latest publication, in collaboration with RWC. Our report tackles what we recognise as the structural problems with investment culture in the UK. Daily headlines pronounce that business leaders are cutting investment in Britain due to Brexit. In our view, the current corporate investment malaise has roots that go far deeper than June 2016.



Is this Progress?

At Tomorrow’s Company, we believe that a gap has opened up between stakeholder and shareholder expectations. People are losing trust in leaders in business and government to make the best decisions on their behalf. There is, therefore, a need to redefine progress, and to think differently about what it means to be a responsible business leader.


Voices of Progress

Since our inception, Tomorrow’s Company has advocated for an inclusive approach to leadership, placing human relationships centre stage. We believe that answers to the issues surrounding the shareholder and stakeholder expectation gap will only emerge from a different kind of dialogue, starting with everyday people.

Courageous Conversations

Building on Voices for Progress and working with our partner organisations, we will run a series of parallel work streams driving research and developing insights in collaboration with a range of organisations. These lines of inquiry have been chosen for their direct value in defining what tomorrow’s company will look like.

Purpose beyond Profit

In April of this year, Tomorrow’s Company published ‘The Courage of their Convictions’, a report which builds on conversations with, and insights from, over twenty companies who think it important to have a purpose beyond profit. There is abundant research evidence which tells us that the most successful companies over decades have been those with a clear and enduring purpose that combines financial success with outcomes that are important to human beings and the society in which they live. But what of the future?

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