Collaborative Projects

Throughout the year our partners collaborate on projects to understand, find solutions and take action on the areas of leadership, governance and stewardship which encourage a long-term business approach.

With our convening power, resources and expertise we guide partners through the projects which culminate with an output in the form of a report, guide or tool-kit.

Projects are either short pieces, focused on topical issues or more in-depth research.


Since 2010 the partners of our Good Governance Forum have collaborated to produce a number of practical tools and resources for chairs, company secretaries and other key people who drive the quality of board performance. This has covered topics including risk leadership, boardroom conversations, creating a board mandate and boardroom evaluation.

A key theme of our inquiry UK Business: What’s Wrong? What’s Next? was the growing concern that boards too often focus on mitigating risk and avoiding downsides, rather than embracing the risk necessary to capture opportunities.  Through the Good Governance Forum we have looked at this through the lens of board information, alignment of goals of investors, the board and executive and culture. This work will culminate in a guide for boards that we will launch early next year.


Since 2008 we have led on the stewardship agenda, working with companies and the investment community to improve the current system.

Our research has identified a growing concern that initial progress following the introduction of the Stewardship Code in 2010 has now plateaued. In response we have formed the Stewardship Alliance, a group of asset owners, asset managers and companies who are collaborating to create a model for excellence in stewardship and thereby enhance the focus on long term value creation. Through doing so we will set a higher standard which all players in the investment chain can be part of and commit to which will help shift the movement for stewardship from regulatory push to the pull of commercial demand.


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