Our Approach

Our four stage approach is designed to drive conversation from ideas to action. It is our view that their is frequently a huge amount of discussion around issues, but far too little action. Why has there been so little progress? In highly competitive markets, traditional business models, siloed thinking and stand alone approaches have failed to address what amount to highly complex and interrelated issues. We believe that unlocking breakthrough innovations in these areas will only happen if we collaborate across industry and work together with civic society.

Issue Framing

We will form a steering group of key business leaders who are committed to addressing the issues at hand. Tomorrow’s Company research will support the steering group through the provision of background analysis, enabling leaders to have the space to think differently.

Inclusive Interaction

The steering group will identify a body of future leaders, who will come together with other civic society leaders and social innovators. This body will, through a series of workshops, innovations labs and collaboration events, develop inspiring and practical recommendations that will make a material difference to the challenges faced.


Having, through the interaction stage, considered the systemic issues inhibiting progress and together developed a series of practical solutions, the insights developed will build into a substantive report published by Tomorrow’s Company, which will stimulate a different dialogue in the wider financial, governmental and civic system. The contributions and case studies of each of the members of the steering group will be prominently featured in the report.


Within twelve months, we will have produced and honed a series of recommendations, and delivered them back to industry leaders. This will happen through the convening of a summit in which the individual projects and report recommendations will be presented at a summit of business and civic leaders. Here we will be looking not only to share best practice, but will also be looking to raise funds to establish new foundations to further develop and support the development of the ideas that we have jointly developed.

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