About Us

What we do

Tomorrow’s Company is a not-for-profit think-tank that exists to inspire and enable business to be a force for good. Our goal is to encourage a business approach that creates value for staff, shareholders and society through a focus on purpose, values, relationships and the long-term.

Our approach combines vision with practicality as we identify the changes needed to ownership and governance structures and government policy in order to create conditions in which companies can flourish.

The strength of our work comes from our community whom we support on their journey to be a force for good. Their experience and insight provides the practical grounding to our research and offers a network of advocates for change.

Why we do it

There are emerging trends in British business that we cannot ignore. Despite considerable success in many areas, companies in the UK suffer from under-investment, low productivity, low real wage growth, employees that are demotivated and disconnected from management and diminishing public support. The irony is that the returns to shareholders have also been poor.

The good news is that an alternative business approach already exists. Instead of the current focus on short-term incentives, targets and profit, it focuses on purpose, values, relationships and the long-term.

We recognise that this is easier said than done and short-term pressure is formidable. However, twenty years of convening companies, investors and policy makers has proven to us that change can be achieved when the business and investor community work together to achieve a common goal.

This is why the Tomorrow’s Company community is our greatest strength and we invite you to join us.

How we do it

Independent research

Since its founding in 1996, Tomorrow’s Company has published forward-thinking research reports, articles and books. These have influenced a large number of key decision-makers in business and government globally.

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We hold regular events and discussions for our partners which include:

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Insight & practical tools

We make publicly available the collective knowledge of our community which includes:

We also offer the application of our intellectual capital through bespoke advisory.

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Collaborative projects

Throughout the year our partners collaborate on projects to understand, find solutions and take action on the areas of leadership, governance and stewardship which encourage a long-term business approach.

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